What Netflix can teach you about campaigning.

If you are interested in campaigning and wanting to understand how large scale change movements start, then get a notebook, a pen and clear out time in your diary.  IMO, these 10 documentaries have some seriously valuable lessons. 


1. Joshua

Key take out: Sincerity goes a long way. 


2. How To Change The World

Key takeout: The importance of storytelling


3. Emmanual Macron : Behind the rise




4. The Internet's Own Boy

Key takeout: There's no such thing as luke warm campaigning. It's all consuming. 


5. Get me Roger Stone

Key Take Out: Are you campaigning for something, or against something. And, find the right horse to ride. 


6. Mitt

Yet to watch.


7. Weiner

Key take out: Don't fake it.


8. #ChigacoGirl

Key Takeout: The concept of having an 'air traffic controller' for change movements


9. The Race For the White House

A series episodes.


10. How To Stage A Coup

Yet to watch