My Heavy Chef Talk About Storytelling & Campaign Design

I had the privilege earlier this year to share the story of how we designed a campaign that ended up reaching 1 Billion people, at one of the Heavy Chef events. 

The objective of the #Run4Water campaign was to put the global water crisis on the map and in the conversations of citizens and media alike. You see, most people naturally don't research, read and talk / post about the water crisis. In fact, most people are unaware of the current state of the world's water.

So challenge was then, how do we design a campaign that gets the media and people to talk about the global water crisis? How do we turn the water crisis,  which the media deems rather uneventful and un-newsworthy, into a story that is easy to associate with and makes people say: "have you heard about this?! ". 

Watch the talk:
[Watch time: 21mins]


I also have a blog post about what it was like managing the campaign on the ground, whilst running, and traveling to 6 countries in 6 weeks:

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