Current Podcast List: 2018

I've pondered writing this blog post for a while now but couldn't convince myself of the value in it...until yesterday. I had a conversation with someone on Facebook about the podcasts we listen to, and we exchanged podcast lists. Our lists differed like night and day.

That's when I realised, that by sharing my list, I can also help new podcast listeners find cool podcasts to listen to, and get other people to share their lists with me. 

I'm currently subscribed to about 25 channels. I won't list them all. But here are my favourites:


Top 12 podcasts

1. 99% Invisible

  • What: A podcast about design and architecture. Brilliant storytelling! Every episode is interesting.
  • Host: Roman Mars. His voice...! And he's an amazing host.
  • Episodes: Once a week. No longer than 30mins. Generally 20mins if you skip the ads. 
  • Website:

2. Smart Drug Smarts

  • What: A podcast about neuroscience & nootropics. Focussed on bio-hacking and self-experimentation.
  • Host: Jesse Lawler. He speaks fast. Took me a while to get used to. Now I love the pace. 
  • Episodes: Once a week. Between 35 - 60mins. 
  • Website:

3. How I Built This

  • What: This podcast tells the stories behind some of the world's best known companies by interviewing the founders and quizzing them about how they did it. 
  • Host: Guy Raz. He is a good interviewer and a host of numerous podcasts.
  • Episodes: No consistent release schedule. Between 4 - 6 a month. Episodes are between 35 - 50mins.
  • Website:

4. People Fixing The World

  • What: Interviewing people with brilliant solutions to the world’s problems (healthcare, water, nutrition, education, it.). I listen to it as soon as it's released. Big fan!
  • Host: Multiple hosts - depending on the story. 
  • Episodes: Once a week. Episodes are generally 20mins long, with very few ads, if any. 
  • Website:

5. Found My FItness

  • What: A podcast on aging, brain health, physical performance, nutrition, etc. Like SmartDrugSmarts, it's focussed on bio-hacking and self-experimentation...but this one is more science-y. So gooood!
  • Host: Dr. Rhonda Patrick. #girlcrush She has a Ph.D. in biomedical science and knows her stuff. 
  • Episodes: Anything from 20 - 100 mins, topic depending. 
  • Website:

6. The Kevin Rose Show

  • What: Kevin interviews authors, technologists, scientists, meditators, self-experimenters, and productivity hackers to explore how to reach peak personal and professional performance while living a minimal and balanced life.
  • Host: Kevin Rose. He built  DIGG,  ZERO and OAK. And is also an investor in some notable stratups
  • Episodes: 1 - 3 episodes per month, between 50 - 70 mins per episode.
  • Website

7. Bulletproof Radio

  • What: A podcast about self-optimisation, bio-hacking and on how-to-live-longer. Some of the episodes can be a bit airy for me.
  • Host: Dave Asprey, a master bio-hacker.
  • Episodes: 5 - 7 podcasts per month.
  • Website:

8. The Tim Ferris Show

  • What: He interviews world-class performers (investing, sports, business, etc.) to extract the tactics, tools, and routines, incl favourite books, morning routines, exercise habits, time-management tricks etc
  • Host: Tim Ferris, author, self-optimisation-specialist
  • Episodes: Tip: Skip the first 6 mins of every podcast (just ads). Weekly episodes, of anything between 35 - 100 minutes per episode. 
  • Website:

9. Becoming Superhuman

  • What: The show interviews extraordinary people to unpack the skills and strategies to overcome the impossible.
  • Host: Jonathan Levi.
  • Episodes: Weekly episodes, between 35 - 50 mins each.
  • Website:

10. Masters of Scale

  • What: This podcasts shows how companies grow from zero to a gazillion. 
  • Host: Reid Hoffman, founder LinkedIn. And startup investor. Smart guy.
  • Episodes: 2 - 3 podcasts per month, between 30 - 50 mins each.
  • Website:

11. Radiolab

  • What: A lil bit about everything - science, philosophy, and human experience. 
  • Host: Jad Abumrad. Superb host! Very much like Roman Mars. What makes him and Roman mars different, is that they're not promoting themselves at all. 
  • Episodes: Weekly episodes
  • Website:

12. The Innovators

  • What: A South African podcast! Tom interviews local entrepreneurs about their stories, an their tools, tips and tricks.
  • Host: Tom Kennedy. South African entrepreneur.
  • Episodes: 1 - 3 podcasts per month, averaging an hour per episode.
  • Website:

Here are some of the other podcasts on my app which I don't listen to regularly. They sometimes have interesting episodes - so I keep them on.

  • TED Radio Hour
  • Freakonomics Radio
  • Stuff You Should Know
  • Waking Up with Sam Harris
  • The Mind Body Green Podcast
  • Endurance Junkie
  • Get Rich, Quick (South African podcast)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • The Growth Hacking
  • The SaaS Podcast
  • The Jordan B Peterson Podcast
  • The Joe Rogan Experience
  • The Chase Jarvis Live Show
  • The Minimalists